About Us

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Our Mission: To be a leading center for health and wellness resources to promote quality of life and maximize function in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurologic or neuromuscular disorders through comprehensive services and programs.

As a charitable organization, our purposes include:

1. Promoting and providing health and wellness programs that target physical, mental, and emotional health for individuals with neurologic conditions.
2. Providing patient and family education related to the long-term management of health and wellness in individuals with acute and/or chronic neurologic disorders.
3. Supporting research related to health, wellness, and rehabilitation in chronic neurologic conditions.
4. Engaging in community outreach programs to enhance awareness of the needs of individuals with neurologic conditions.
5. Building relationships with other community-based organizations to link individuals with appropriate resources.
6. Promoting interdisciplinary care for comprehensive management of neurologic conditions and impairments
7. Stimulating the development of educational opportunities for all healthcare providers in the fields of wellness, health, and neurologic rehabilitation.
8. Fundraising to enable the provision of resources, services, or equipment to those living with MS or other neurologic disability.

Susan E. Bennett (1955 – 2020)


Since creating this organization in 2015, Sue Bennett had been laying the groundwork necessary to expand both in the services provided and the number of individuals reached. Sue’s vision was a full-service organization that provided comprehensive programming to those with neurologic conditions and their families, trained practitioners in best practices to enhance outcomes in this population, developed interdisciplinary teams to better manage chronic neurologic conditions, supported research into wellness interventions, and provided funding to other organizations or individuals in need. Her vision is still what guides our organization and her influence can be sensed in all that we do.

Lacey Bromley

Co-Executive Director

Dr. Bromley maintains Board Certification in Neurologic Rehabilitation and is a Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Specialist. She is also certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation and has received a PhD degree from the University at Buffalo for her work in nutrition and metabolism in individuals with MS. In addition to her clinical practice she is also an Assistant Professor within the physical therapy program at D’Youville college and has taught numerous continuing education programs across the country.

Jacob McPherson

Co-Executive Director

Dr. McPherson is Board Certified in Neurologic Physical Therapy and holds a certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation. He is fellowship-trained in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation and is an MS Clinical Specialist. Dr. McPherson leads Bennett Rehabilitation Institute’s Post-Concussion Program and has been active in training other physical therapists in concussion management through various continuing education programs. He has contributed to multiple journal publications and is currently pursuing a PhD degree at the University at Buffalo where he in investigating traumatic brain injury.

Donate Today

A donation to the WNY Center for Neurologic Wellness will help ensure that we can continue to provide, and expand upon, our current program offerings. Funds raised will be used to support new educational programs, training initiatives, and other services to benefit those with neurologic conditions in our local community.