Live to Your Fullest Capacity.

We exist to support individuals with neurologic conditions as they LIVE to their FULLEST capacity.

WNY Center for Neurologic Wellness Inc.

Our mission is be a leading center for health and wellness resources to promote quality of life and maximize function in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurologic or neuromuscular disorders.

Here’s How! By supporting:

Specialized and tailored Wellness Programming

Exercise Classes designed to enhance neuroplasticity
Mental and Nutritional Health programming delivered by health professionals
Research related to health, wellness, and rehabilitation for neurologic conditions
Community Outreach programs to increase awareness of the needs faced by individuals with neurologic conditions
Promotion of Interdisciplinary Care to comprehensively manage neurologic conditions
Education and Training for healthcare professionals working in the fields of wellness, health, and neurologic rehabilitation

Donate Today

A donation to the WNY Center for Neurologic Wellness will help ensure that we can continue to provide, and expand upon, our current program offerings. Funds raised will be used to support new educational programs, training initiatives, and other services to benefit those with neurologic conditions in our local community.